Test tubes and testosterone

Test tubes and testosterone: a man’s journey into infertility and IVF by Michael Saunders
£7.99 / $9.95 * 162 pages * ISBN: 978-0-9567024-1-8
A percentage of the royalties are donated to charity.

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‘An excellent guide to the processes of infertility treatment … [delivering] a lot of often technical and complex information in a light-hearted and readable style. It’s invaluable for any man anxious to understand exactly what’s involved in the process both from a medical and practical, day-to-day perspective.’ Infertility Network
‘I would recommend this book … A worthy contributor to the literature on infertility and associated treatment.’ Journal of Fertility Counselling

What do you need to make a baby? A willing partner? A good sense of timing? Some wine maybe? A nice meal and some amorous music? Not always. There are times when all the romance (and luck) just simply will not do. In those times, what you need is a specimen pot, a heap of drugs, so many ultra-sound scans that your wife or partner begins to glow in the dark and a huge large amount of tea.
Providing a rare yet enlightening male perspective on the world of IVF, Test tubes and testosterone is one man’s experience of infertility and the IVF journey he embarked on with his wife in order to start a family. Told with humour, wit and insight, this book sheds light on issues that can be hard to discuss even with the closest of friends or relatives, making it a valuable book for anyone contemplating or going through IVF.


Personal, honest and open account on IVF, fertility and infertility. * A rare insight into a man’s perspective and experiences, offering advice and support. * A riveting good read, with warmth, humour and wit. * Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

Available to buy at Amazon UK / Amazon US