How to overcome fear of driving

How to overcome fear of driving: the road to driving confidence by Joanne Mallon
£9.99 / $14.95 * 154 pages * ISBN: 978-0-9567024-6-3
Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

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Recommended by Anxiety UK, SmartDriving UK and the British Society of Clinical & Academic Hypnosis.

This is an enlightening and practical book for anyone experiencing any degree of fear of driving. Whether you don’t drive at all and can barely look at a car, or if you drive sporadically and only when you have to, or even if you drive every day but still don’t like doing so – then this is the book for you. You may feel that you have a phobia, a deeply held fear or simply a niggling sense of unease that you want to conquer. This is a book for anyone who wants to step away from any fear of driving and towards becoming a confident driver instead.
The author is a former driving phobic who avoided driving for seven years but is now happily back on the roads and wants to help you get there too. How to overcome fear of driving includes advice from many world-renowned professionals working with people with driving phobia and brings together all their combined knowledge of what will conquer this fear. It contains practical exercises you can do from home and a guided plan to get you driving again. With the advice, understanding and practical exercises in this book, you can start your journey towards driving confidence.

THE AUTHOR: Joanne Mallon is a recovered driving phobic who did not drive for seven years and therefore understands what a person with a fear of driving is going through. Combining her personal experience with her professional position as a life coach, Joanne has written this enlightening self help book with genuine warmth and practical advice. Part of the royalties from the sale of this book are donated to charity.


Written by a recovered driving phobic who knows what you are going through. * Features the most up to date research on driving fear. * Includes advice from a wide range of leading therapists and experts in driving phobia. * Includes practical exercises, many of which can be done without leaving your home. * Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

Available to buy at Amazon UK / Amazon US.