Blogging for happiness

Blogging for happiness: A guide to improving positive mental health (and wealth) from your blog by Ellen Arnison
£7.99 / $11.95 * 156 pages * ISBN 978-0-9567024-3-2
Part of the royalties are donated to The National Autistic Society.

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‘Ellen offers a convincing argument for the benefits of blogging for good mental health.’ SANE (
‘An interesting personal account of the liberating power of creative expression and a guide to the world of writing online … A wealth of advice and information here’. National Autistic Society

Blogging is the new black. Or so it seems. But blogging isn’t about keeping in with the in-crowd or letting the world know what you had for breakfast. Believe it or not, blogging can be a real force for good in your life.
Blogging helped me find my way out from a particularly dark period in my life and this is my guide on how a blog can save your sanity. Covering the basics on how to start a blog, what to write about, how to get followers and technical and design tips, Blogging for Happiness looks at how a blog can actually improve your mental health, lift your mood, make new friends, clear the air and even earn you some money. My blog has brought me new friends and new skills, but more importantly it has brought me positive mental health. It’s fair to say I love my blog and ‘Blogging for Happiness’ will inspire you to log on, get going and love your very own blog.

About the author: Ellen Arnison is a freelance writer and blogger. Since she began her blog it has gone from being a small-time hobby to a real passion. She credits it with helping her through some really bad times – miscarriage and bereavement. It has also helped her earn money, gain work, make friends and figure out what she really thinks about things. Part of the royalties from the sale of her book are donated to The National Autistic Society, the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families.


A unique book that looks at the emotional and mental health benefits of blogging. * Includes a guide to earning money from your blog. * Funny and warm, inspiring and encouraging. * Practical and introductory, it covers how to blog, what to write about and how to get followers. * Includes quotes, tips and advice from top bloggers and mental health charities. * Part of the royalties are donated to The National Autistic Society.

Available to buy at Amazon UK / Amazon US.