Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma: A guide for you, your friends and family to coping with post-traumatic stress disorder following birth by Kim Thomas
£7.99 / $14.95 * 164 pages * paperback ISBN: 978-0-9567024-7-0
Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

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‘An important book for anyone who has had a difficult birth.’ MUMSNET
‘An excellent book about the difficult, and often misunderstood, condition that is birth trauma. Highly recommend – clearly written, concise and practical. Useful for birth trauma sufferers, partners and friends as well as valuable for NCT practitioners.’ National Childbirth Trust

Birth ought to be a joyful experience: for some women, however, it is anything but. Women who have experienced a medical emergency during birth often find that the memory of it doesn’t go away just because a healthy baby has been delivered. They experience the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder: flashbacks, sleeplessness, nightmares or extreme anxiety. Some go out of their way to avoid being reminded of the birth, and they may find it difficult to bond with their baby.
Post-traumatic stress disorder after birth, known more simply as ‘birth trauma’, affects at least 10,000 women every year in England and Wales. Yet the condition is poorly misunderstood and women suffering from birth trauma often do not receive the treatment or support they need. They may be misdiagnosed as suffering from postnatal depression, and many find that friends and family, instead of being supportive, simply tell them to pull themselves together.
This valuable and fascinating book explains everything you and your family and friends need to know about birth trauma: what causes it, how it affects your personal relationships, how to treat it and where to find support. Using the powerful personal stories of women who have suffered birth trauma and overcome it, this book shows that it is possible to go through this difficult experience and come out the other side.

THE AUTHOR: Kim Thomas has been a freelance journalist for 14 years, with her work appearing in a number of national newspapers including the Guardian, The Independent, The Times and the Financial Times. Kim also edits a continuing professional development magazine for NCT, the parenting charity.


Packed with information, expert advice and personal stories. * Offers practical help and support to women who have suffered birth trauma. * Easy-to-read, explains all jargon, and uses the stories of real women to illustrate the facts about birth trauma. * Includes a wealth of advice from a wide range of experts, including psychologists, midwives, lawyers and therapists. * Sympathetic and non-judgemental, this is a very valuable book for everyone affected by post-traumatic stress disorder and birth trauma. * Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

Available to buy at Amazon UK / Amazon US.