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FICTION list now open for SUBMISSIONS!

We are delighted to announce that our fiction list is now open for submissions! If you have a manuscript that is exciting, fresh and deals with issues in modern society then we would love to hear from you! Your manuscript must be original to you and not been published before (either online or in print). See our About us page on our website for more guidelines and how to submit your work.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Brilliant book for parents on DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip)

Cast Life: A Parent's Guide to DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Explained) by Natalie Trice

We are truly delighted to have published this brilliant book on DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip) by the peerless Natalie Trice, who is not only a leading speaker and writer on the topic, Natalie is founder of the charity Spica warrior and mum to two boys, one of whom has DDH.

This book is absolutely essential for any parent who has just received the news that their child has DDH, or clicky hips. Natalie explains the condition, the treatment, and what life is like for your child (and you) in a cast. Full of tips and advice from other parents too, this book is a lifeline for anyone connected to DDH.

Buy now from, only £9.99 and help raise money for the DDH charity Spica Warrior - CAST LIFE: A PARENT'S GUIDE TO DDH

NEW BOOK! The Volunteer Fundraiser's Handbook!

NEW BOOK NOW OUT! The Volunteer Fundraiser's Handbook!

Delighted to be publishing this excellent, readable and practical book to help volunteers get the most from their fundraising. With a foreword by Sir Stuart Etherington and endorsements by leading professionals in the field, this is a must buy for all volunteers and fundraisers!

'The Volunteer Fundraiser's Handbook' is an invaluable resource for all volunteer fundraisers in small and local charities. It is highly practical and readable and contains handy templates and checklists. Paul Marvell, Director of Professional Development & Membership, Institute of Fundraising 

Congratulations on writing such a comprehensive and practical guide to fundraising. It will be an invaluable companion for every Trustee of a charity seeking to boost income and muster funding. Andrew Day CFRE, Group Chief Executive, Compton Fundraising Consultants Ltd.

NEW BOOK! BIRTH TRAUMA: A guide for you, your friends and family to coping with post-traumatic stress disorder following birth

A guide for you, your friends and family to coping with post-traumatic stress disorder following birth 

Now published! Offering valuable and supporting advice on what is a very neglected topic, this fascinating book explains everything you and your family and friends need to know about birth trauma: what causes it, how it affects your personal relationships, how to treat it and where to find support. Using the powerful personal stories of women who have suffered birth trauma and overcome it, this book shows that it is possible to go through this difficult experience and come out the other side. A percentage of all royalties is donated to charity.

Available in paperback (£7.99 and on the Kindle (3.35) - click here to order your copy! 

If you would like to review this book, then please email us at

'How to Overcome Fear of Driving' - Approved by Smart Driving UK

We are delighted to announce that our brilliant How to overcome a fear of driving by Joanne Mallon has been approved by one of the country's top driving companies - Smart Driving UK.

Recommended on their webpage ( on their 'Getting help' tab, owner of Smart Driving uK, John Farlam states:

"This is a book for anyone who wants to step away from any fear of driving and towards becoming a confident driver instead... With the advice, understanding and practical exercises in this book, you can start your journey towards driving confidence."

How to over fear of driving - great feature in Daily Telegraph

Joanne Mallon's wonderful book 'How to overcome fear of driving' is the basis of a major feature spread in the motoring section of the Daily Telegraph today, pages 2-3 - exploring the hidden fear of driving and how you can overcome it! 

The book is a fantastic read providing real, practical and emotional support for anyone wanting to overcome a fear of driving. Available in paperback for £7.99 and on the kindle for £3.35.  

Part of the royalties are donated to charity.

Kindle edition of Survival Guide for New Parents now available!

Kindle edition of Survival Guide for New Parents by the wonderful Charlie Wilson is now available! Download and start reading this refreshingly different and positive parenting support book:



A great first review is in on Charlie Wilson's Survival Guide for New Parents, with Mum's Baby Magazine calling it "a significantly positive parenting book"!

Read the full review here:


Out now! The brilliant SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR NEW PARENTS by Charlie Wilson!

Part of the royalties are donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities, a charity close to the author's heart: ďHaving a room at the Ronald McDonald House was a godsend. The staff were lovely and so compassionate, and it helped to meet other parents going through the same thing. I look back now and donít know how we would have coped without the CharityĒ.


Women's Own feature on 'Blogging for Happiness'

Check out this week's Women's Own for a fabulous feature on our lovely author Ellen Arnison and her book 'Blogging for Happiness', showing the positive mental health benefits of blogging.

Fab review for Blogging for Happiness from National Autistic Society

A great review for the lovely Ellen Arnison and her brilliant 'Blogging for happiness book':

ďInteresting personal account of the liberating power of creative expression and a guide to the world of writing online ... A wealth of advice and information hereĒ National Autistic Society, Communications magazine

Buy your copy of the book today and get blogging!

Great review of 'Test Tubes and Testosterone' from Journal of Fertility Counselling

Another great review is in for Michael Saunders' refreshingly open book on male infertility and the IVF process from a man's perspective:

'I would recommend this book ... A worthy contributor to the literature on infertility and asscoiated treatment.' Journal of Fertility Counselling

Well done Michael!

Author nominated Best Blog Writer at MAD Blog Awards!

We are delighted to hear that our wonderful author Joanne Mallon (author of Toddlers: an instruction manual - has been nominated Best Blog Writer at the MAD Blog Awards!

Please support Joanne by clicking here and voting for her! You can also read some of her brilliant, funny and honest posts!

'Blogging for Happiness' mention in Weight Watchers Magazine, April 2012

Delighted to see our lovely author Ellen Arnison and her wonderful book 'Blogging for Happiness' mentioned in the April edition of WeightWatchers magazine. Great to hear how the book can help with weight loss, providing support from the online community and a outlet for thoughts, progress and emotions via an online diary!

Great review of 'Toddlers: an instruction manual' by Chopsy Baby

Joanne Mallon's excellent and refreshing 'Toddlers: an instruction manual' has received a glowing review by Chopsy Baby, calling it 'A book to support you emotionally through the dark days of parenting toddlers' and saying 'the tone taken is in the vein of one of those friendly and informative mums who pop up on parenting forums to offer some support and advice. Of the useful and non-judgemental kind.'

Brilliant! Read the full review here:

Author Michael Saunders' Mail on Sunday feature on male infertility and IVF

Please read Michael Saunders' feature on male infertility and IVF in today's Mail on Sunday. So rare to hear a man's view on infertility and IVF. Well done Michael! Please share with friends, forums and groups! Many thanks for your support.

Donít miss the Mail on Sunday this weekend for Michael Saundersí excellent and honest feature on male infertility and IVF! It will definitely get the Mail on Sundayís readership something to think about over their morning coffee and toast!

(Michael Saunders is author of Test tubes and testosterone: a man's journey into infertility and IVF. Available on Amazon in paperback for £7.99 and for the Kindle for £3.35.)

Author Michael Saunders on Radio 5Live

Brilliant to hear our author Michael Saunders (Test tubes and testosterone: a man's journey into infertility and IVF) on Radio 5Live talking about IVF costs and infertility. Great interview and good plug for the book!

If missed it, clear here to listen to the programme:


Blogging for Happiness - paperback and Kindle available!

We are delighted to announce that Blogging for Happiness by Ellen Arnison is now available in paperback and for the KINDLE!

Why not start the New Year with a new hobby such as blogging? Not only will it help your writing skills, involve you with a supportive and thought-provoking online community who will make you laugh / cry / shout out loud, but it will also improve your positive well-being, giving you tools and strength that you never thought possible from a blog!

Buy your copy now on Amazon! Only £9.99 or download the Kindle edition right now!

Another great review of 'Test Tubes and Testosterone'!

Another great review of Michael Saunders' Test Tubes and Testosterone book on male infertility and IVF! Written by an IVF mum of three miracles in the US, Kriss says:

'I just finished Michael Saundersí memoir Test Tubes And Testosterone: A Manís Journey into infertility and IVF and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! ... Michael certainly has a wit about him and Iím guessing this sense of humour is what helped him through his infertility. ... There are also really touching parts that were sprinkled throughout that I loved. ... Read Test Tubes and Testosterone! It is an interesting read with a rare perspective into an unfamiliar world.'

For the full review, visit Krissi's amazing blog:

Great quote from mental health charity SANE for 'Blogging for Happiness'!

Fantastic quote in from SANE, a leading mental health charity in the UK, for Ellen Arnisonís wonderful Blogging for Happiness:

'Ellen offers a convincing argument for the benefits of blogging for good mental health.' Sara Zmertych, SANE (

Well done, Ellen!

KINDLE edition of 'Test Tubes and Testosterone' now available!

We are delighted to announce our first KINDLE edition of one of our books! Test Tubes and Testosterone: a manís journey into infertility and IVF is now available for download for just £3.99 (+VAT and delivery charge, so £4.59 in total).

Providing a rare yet enlightening male perspective on the world of IVF, this insightful book sheds light on issues that can be hard to discuss even with the closest of friends or relatives, making it a valuable account for anyone contemplating or going through IVF (part of the royalties are donated to a children's charity).

Download your Kindle version of the book today by clicking here!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Nell James Publishers blog!

With so many developments in the world of publishing, we thought a blog would be useful to pull together news from the commissioning, marketing and production desks alongside valuable advice to first-time and established authors. And we might just tell you now and again what we are doing with our exciting books and authors!

So first, we'd like to thank you for dropping by ("Thank you!") and second, pull up a chair because we love to talk and are just getting started!


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